Koh Samui History

In the 1800s seafaring immigrants from the Chinese island of Hainan first settled on the island and put Samui on the map. They established several fishing communities and initiated the large-scale cultivation of  coconut plantations.

Business prospered and the island earned a reputation for having the world’s largest coconut plantation-what appears today as a refreshingly green backdrop to the beaches was, until recently, the islanders’ main livelihood. Even now, coconut products continue to be major export items.

Koh Samui is defined by its beaches and coconuts

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Arrival at Koh Samui Airport

The arrival on Koh Samui by plane may seem like a fantasy movie and Samui airport won the “Best Airport Award” consistently for its beautiful design in tune with its gorgeous natural surroundings.
The originative airport with no indoor area provides a surprise welcome. Its thatched arrival pavilions are all open to the flowering gardens. As in a theme park travelers are transferred from and to the aircraft by colorful little trains of open carts.
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